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Building structures is absolutely vital in Warzone - from Factories to build units, to Исследования Centers for researching new technology.

Building can be done with units with Trucks as turrets and Combat Engineers.


1: Selecting a structure to build

2: Selecting an area to build the structure


Building a Structure

To build, you need to select Строительство on the Command Panel, and this will bring up two rows of icons on the bottom of the screen, between the Command Panel and the Радар. These each represent one юнит, either a truck or a Военный инженер, that is able to build. Clicking the bottom row of icons will zoom the camera to the юнит. The top row of icons will pull up a bar on the left side of the screen (diagram 1). The two columns of icons represent the structures you can build. Click a structure on the columns to select it for building. You can hold the mouse over an icon to see the structure’s name.

Selecting a location

When you select a structure, it closes the two menus (like clicking the middle button). A white square will appear in the world. This is where your structure will be placed. Move the square by moving the mouse. Click to place the build site for the structure. If the square is red, the structure cannot be placed. To build ‘walls’ (when building defenses) you can click and drag the box to draw a wall.

Oil Derricks

Oil derricks can only be built on Oil Pools which aren’t on fire. Fires on Oil Pools will burn out over time. Oil derricks are built automatically if a truck is selected and you left-click an Oil Pool.

The юнит you selected to build the structure will move to build the structure.

If you open the Строительство menu again, the юнит’s status will be shown in the Fast Find bar. If there is a structure without a bar in the Fast Find top row above a юнит, the юнит is moving to the build site. If there is a green bar, it is accumulating power for building. If there is a yellow bar, it is building the site.


You can assign a юнит to repair a structure by selecting it and left-clicking a building.


Demolishing a building is nearly as simple as building one. Select ‘Снести Structure’ in the Structure menu and click a building to demolish. The юнит will move to the building and destroy it, giving you half the power used in building the structure. Снести Structure will always be available, from start of game to end.


You can assign extra trucks/cyborgs to a building to build it faster. Simply select a юнит and left-click a structure, and the юнит will move to the building and start helping construction.

Хардкрит and Танковая ловушка

You may wonder what the Хардкрит and Танковая ловушка do. Well, they do nothing. They just sit there and keep your units and enemy units from passing through.

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