Типы атаки: kinetic, thermal

Командный центр

Командный центр100010/102×2Тяжелая3$100 

The Командный центр is the heart of every Warzone base. It's needed for three things: To design units, to show the minimap and to research any defensive structures.

Генератор энергии

Генератор энергии100020/202×2Средняя2$50 
Энегертический блок100010/102×2Средняя2$0Подробнее

The power generator in conjunction with oil derricks gives the player power. One power generator is needed for every four oil derricks, or the oil derricks will not function. Additional power generators will not generate any more power.

The power module gives power faster (+50.9% to the power multipliers - note that this is in addition to the fact that researching Энегертический блок sets the base multiplier to 125%).

Исследовательская лаборатория

Исследовательская лаборатория80010/102×2Средняя2$100 
Исследовательский модуль80010/102×2Средняя2$100Подробнее

The research facility allows the player to research upgrades and new technologies. One research facility can research one technology at a time, and research cannot be queued.

The research module allows for faster research (+85.7% to the current research multiplier).


Заводской модуль50010/103×3Средняя2$100Подробнее
Завод киборгов100010/102×1Средняя2$100Подробнее

Factories are needed to manufacture units: Factories produce tanks, Cyborg Factories produce cyborgs, and ВВС Factories produce ВВС aircraft.

Factories and ВВС Factories can be upgraded with Завод Modules up to two times. This will add 100% to its production rate multiplier and allow production of larger tanks/VTOLs. One Заводской модуль is needed to produce tanks with средний bodies, and two Завод Modules on the same Завод are needed to produce tanks with тяжелый bodies.

It takes a number of seconds equal to weight/100 to rearm a ВВС, before rearming pad upgrades.

Командный пост

Командный пост100010/102×2Тяжелая2$100Подробнее

The Командный пост is required to make Командиры (tanks with Command Turrets). Командиры provide bonuses to units assigned to them.


Посадочная площадка ВВС30010/101×1Средняя1$100Подробнее
Ремонтная мастерская100010/101×1Средняя2$100Подробнее
Нефтяная вышка6005/51×1Средняя1$0