Enabling cheats

Before you can use cheat codes, you must either use the cheat code "cheat on" or press Shift+Backspace. You should get a "Cheats enabled" message when you do this.

Using cheats

To use a cheat code, press Enter, type the code, and press Enter again.

Cheats marked with "✗" can crash the game. Try to avoid using them.

Cheat codes

Cheat Code Cheat Description
mouseflip Inverts the mouse vertical rotation direction
shakey Toggle screen shake when units die
time toggle Turns the mission timer on or off (campaign mode only)
Сложность Levels
hard Sets difficulty to hard (replaces previous difficulty)
normal Sets difficulty to normal (replaces previous difficulty)
easy Sets difficulty to easy (replaces previous difficulty)
let me win Causes you to win the current mission (campaign mode only)
Misc. & Info.
build info Tells you the date when the game was built
count me Prints the number of objects in the game
demo Starts demo mode - See "Additional Cheats" for description
droidinfo Shows юнит info & stats
no faults Audio Clip - "There are no faults in the renderer at the moment"
sensors Shows sensor ranges when sensors are selected
timedemo Shows game info & stats
showorders Shows current order & action for selected droid
clone wars Creates multiple copies of selected юнит(s)
more power Adds an additional 1000 power
superpower Maximum power
whale fin Toggles infinite power
give all Allows you to build & research everything
research all Gives you everything researched
work harder Finishes all active research
Защита & Урон
biffer baker Your units are stronger & deal more damage (replaces previous difficulty)
double up Your units are twice as strong (replaces previous difficulty)
get off my land Убил all visible enemy units & structures on the map
reload me Immediately reloads currently selected юнит/structure
kill Убил the selected units
deity Lets you see everything on the map (equivalent of having Uplink Center)
john kettley Changes the weather to rain, snow, or clear. Keep entering code to cycle weather.

The debug menu can be opened using Ctrl+O. It has buttons for switching players, as well as instantly creating units and structures.

Cheat shortcuts

Some cheat codes can be used with keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+Xwork harderFinishes all active research
Ctrl+GdeityLets you see everything on the map (equivalent of having Uplink Center)
Alt+KkillУбил the selected units
Alt+Agive allAllows you to build & research everything

Drive mode

Drive mode is an experimental feature in which you can control a юнит using the arrow keys. Since it is experimental, it requires cheat mode, and is not available in multiplayer games.

To enter drive mode, once you're in cheat mode, select the юнит you want to drive, press Spacebar and then press Shift+D.


These instructions only apply to 2.3 and higher. For older versions, see wiki:cheats.