Most of the things in Warzone are easy to calculate, but some of them can be pretty confusing. Here are some of the formulas we use to calculate things.


Nearly all calculations in formulas are done with integers. This means that numbers are nearly always rounded down to the nearest integer. This includes damage bonuses, weight multipliers, damage multipliers, experience bonuses, accuracy bonuses (down to the nearest percent)...

However, note that time is usually rounded down to the nearest 0.1 second, and distance is usually rounded down to the nearest 1/128 tile.

Урон formula

Урон = База УронБроня After Улучшения
Урон = 1/3 × База Урон
Урон = 1

(Whichever is higher.)

База Урон = Weapon Урон After Улучшения × Weapon Target Modifier

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Юнит speed formula

Скорость = База Скорость × Скорость Penalty × Юнит Experience Bonus
Скорость = Propulsion Max Скорость × Юнит Experience Bonus

(Whichever is lower.)

База Скорость = Мощность Энергия After Улучшения × Propulsion Скорость × Propulsion Terrain Multiplier / Total Масса

Скорость Penalty is 3/4 if using a средний body on ВВС, 1/4 if using a тяжелый body on ВВС, and 1 in all other cases.

This speed is in units of world-coordinates per second. There are 128 world-coordinates in a tile, so, for instance, a юнит with a speed of 128 would go at a speed of one tile per second.

That "Terrain Multiplier" is pretty important. You'd expect it to be 1× for all propulsions flat terrain, but it's actually 2.5× for VTOLs.