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Manufacturing units is similar to building structures. The buildings that can build structures are Factories, Cyborg Factories and ВВС Factories.

Building a Юнит

To manufacture a юнит, you need to press the Производство button. A Fast Find bar will open at the bottom of the screen, between the radar and the Command Panel.

The bottom row of the two contains every Завод, Cyborg Завод and VTOL Завод built. Clicking it will zoom the camera to the structure.

To manufacture a юнит, click the space above a factory. If this factory is capable of building a юнит, it will appear in a menu on the left side of the screen.

A factory can only build a юнит if the body of a юнит is a certain type (юнит/cyborg/ВВС), and if the factory has enough modules applied.

Queueing Юниты

You can build up to nine units by repeatedly clicking the юнит. You can also right-click the юнит to lower the amount of units to build – right-clicking on a юнит with no units queued will set the queue to 9.

Building Status

While a юнит is building, the Fast Find bar above the factory building the юнит will be displayed. If the bar is green, the юнит is gathering power to build the юнит. If the bar is yellow, the юнит is building.

Rally Points

When the юнит is done building, it will spawn next to the factory, then proceed to a rally point. A rally point is created when a factory is made. Right-clicking on the factory in the bottom Fast Find row will centre the camera on a spawn point. Clicking a rally point will allow you to move it in a similar way to building a structure. Please note that moving a rally point while a юнит is moving to one will not affect it’s path.

Rally points (clockwise, from top left): Cyborg rally point, Завод rally point, Ремонтная мастерская, ВВС rally point

Looped production

You can also set looped production by left and right clicking the loop button in the left column near the top. This repeats the build sequence you set the amount of times shown next to the button. This can be set to infinite by right-clicking when the number reads zero.

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