Using Юниты

Gotten used to the interface? Okay, well, time to actually use our units.

Selecting and moving units

To select a юнит or cyborg, left click on it. Multiple units can be selected by clicking and dragging, and encasing the units in the drawn 'square', or by holding down Ctrl or Shift and clicking on multiple units.

To move selected units, left click on the terrain of the map. This can also be done over black areas of the map to explore the area. To attack an enemy юнит, left click on it. You can deselect a юнит (or a group of units) with a right-click.

Queuing and waypoints

You can set a path with waypoints, which units will visit each waypoint in order. You can also select a queue of enemies for units to attack. Hold Shift or Ctrl while selecting units or clicking places to move.

This also works for queuing construction of Oil Derricks and/or structures in a chain - hold the Ctrl key down while building the structures one by one, then, when building the final structure, release the Ctrl key.

Groups of Юниты

To make groups of units, select the units you want and press Ctrl+[number] to make a group. A group of units will have a number next to it. To select a group of units you have made, press [number]. Groups can also be selected by double-clicking a юнит in a group. To center the camera on a group, press the [number] twice.


Click a friendly structure or truck with weapon units selected (the cursor will be a shield) and the units will move to guard it.

Юнит orders menu

Right-click on a юнит (or select a юнит and hit NUM0 on the numeric keypad), and a юнит orders menu will appear above the command panel. This contains options to configure a юнит's behavior.

Right-clicking on a factory will customize the orders of all future units that that factory produces.

В атаку range

Оптимальный радиус действия: Fires at most accurate range (default)
Малый радиус действия: Moves to short range and attacks
Дальний радиус действия: Attacks at long range

Retreat threshold

Сделай или умри: Your юнит will not retreat unless ordered to. (default)
Retreat at Средняя Урон: Your юнит will retreat (return to repair facility, HQ, or LZ) at средний (yellow) damage
Retreat at Heavy Урон: Your юнит will retreat at тяжелый (red) damage


Огонь по желанию: Fires at any enemy (default)
Ответный огонь: Only fire if attacked first
Не стрелять: Do not fire unless explicitly ordered to


Патрулировать: Move back and forth between current position and clicked position
Преследовать: Follow enemies until one of you is dead
Guard: Follow enemies until they leave your vicinity (default)
Держать позицию: Do not move unless explicitly ordered to


Назад for Repair: Go to the nearest repair facility (or HQ, if no repair facility exists)
Вернуться к штабу: Go to your Командный центр (HQ)
Идти к транспорту: Go to the nearest transport


Recycling a юнит will send it to the nearest Ремонтная мастерская or Завод, and destroy it. Half the power used in making it will be refunded to you. The юнит's experience level will be placed in the next юнит that is manufactured.

To ensure that you do not accidentally recycle a юнит, you must first click and then .

Опыт юнитов

Смотрите также: Опыт юнитов

Юниты have experience levels depending on how many kills the юнит has. A higher experience level means that a юнит is more accurate, moves faster and takes less damage. An icon displaying a юнит's rank is displayed next to the юнит's health bar.

Hardpoints and bunkers

Hardpoints, bunkers, and other defensive structures cannot be ordered to shoot directly.

However, you can assign artillery emplacements to a sensor tower. Nearby commanders with the 'indirect fire support' option activated will also command these structures.

Indirect-fire units and sensors

See: сенсоры and artillery

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