Warzone weapons can be classified four different ways: targeting, type, class, and subclass.


  • direct – Direct-fire weapons fire projectiles that fly in a straight line at their target.

  • erratic direct – A ВВС bomb. Equivalent to a direct weapon for all intents and purposes.

  • direct homing – Direct homing weapons will fire projectiles in the direction of their target, but the projectile will "home in" on its target, i.e. it will continually adjust itself so it will still hit its target if its target moves.

  • indirect – Indirect weapons, better known as artillery weapons, will fire in an arc, and do not require a line-of-sight between itself and what it's shooting. With the exception of the mini-rocket array and Seraph, indirect weapons are generally used as long-range weapons. They require sensor turrets to take advantage of their long range.


The type of a weapon determines what it's effective against and what it's not effective against.

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  • противопехотный – Anti-personnel weapons are most effective against cyborgs. They do below-average damage to tracked tanks and hard structures, and average damage to other targets. Most противопехотный weapons can also hit VTOLs for средний damage.
    Examples: machineguns, lasers

  • anti-tank – Anti-tank weapons are most effective against tanks. They do below-average damage to everything else, and very little damage to cyborgs and hard structures. Most anti-tank weapons do high damage, but have low HP, and so are best protected by cannons. When wielded by cyborgs, most anti-tank weapons can also hit aircraft for relatively high damage.
    Examples: mini-rockets, rockets, missiles

  • all-rounder – Despite their name, all-rounder weapons do not do average damage to everything: they do above-average damage against tanks and structures. They do below-average damage to bunkers, and average damage to everything else. The "traditional" all-rounder weapons have high HP, making them suitable for sieging a base.
    Examples: cannons, rails, Плазменная пушка

  • anti-structure – Anti-structure weapons do the most damage against bunkers, but a lot of damage against other structures. They do little damage against tanks and cyborgs. The bunker buster is the only anti-structure weapon in the base un-modded game of Warzone.

  • flamer – Flamers are very good against cyborgs and bunkers. They do good damage against most other targets, but practically no damage against hard structures. The only flamer weapons are in the flamer subclass.

  • artillery – Artillery-type weapons (not to be confused with artillery weapons, which don't include bombs) are like противопехотный weapons: They do high damage to cyborgs, hovercraft, and hard structures; low damage to bunkers and tracked tanks; and moderate damage to everything else.
    Examples: mortars, howitzers, bombs, all other artillery weapons, Центр Управления Лазернми спутниками

  • (anti-aircraft) – Anti-aircraft weapons technically have a type of "anti-tank", but they can only hit aircraft.
    Examples: AA-guns, SAMs, Stormbringer

Примечание that just because a weapon's type does high damage to a particular target does not mean that it is suitable for that target. In particular, it would not be a good idea to use a laser satellite against a cyborg. Вкл the other hand, Ракета Бич, while being an anti-tank weapon, can be useful for attacking unattended structures from a distance.


  • kinetic – Kinetic weapons are weapons that derive most of their damage from their impact. Most weapons in Warzone are kinetic.

  • thermal – Thermal weapons are weapons that derive most of their damage from heat or fire. Вкл average, they do greater damage to tanks and cyborgs. Новый Paradigm and Super Heavy bodies have high thermal armor, while Project and Collective bodies have low thermal armor.
    Examples: lasers, flamers, incendiary artillery, firebombs, Центр Управления Лазернми спутниками

Again, just because a weapon's class does higher damage to a body does not mean the weapon itself is suitable to attack a tank with that body. In particular, lasers, as противопехотный weapons, do low damage even to Collective bodies.

Специалист weapons

Some weapons are special, and can have one or more of the following attributes:

  • splash damage – Вооружение with splash damage will do damage to everything in the area around where it hits. The area can be large or small, depending on the weapon.
    Examples: artillery-type weapons, cannons, rails, Центр Управления Лазернми спутниками

  • fire damage – Вооружение with fire damage (more than just flamers, not to be confused with thermal weapons) will cause things they hit to catch fire and take damage over a certain amount of time.
    Examples: flamers, incendiary artillery, firebombs

  • EMP – EMP weapons will disable their target for a short period of time.
    Examples: EMP cannon, ВВС EMP missile launcher, EMP mortar

  • penetrating – Penetrating weapons will go through any units they hit and continue to hit things behind it.
    Examples: flamers, rail guns

  • anti-air – AA weapons can only hit VTOLs in the air.
    Examples: AA-guns, SAMs, Stormbringer

  • versatile – V weapons can hit anything, in the air or on the ground.
    Examples: machineguns, Mini-Rocket Pods, rocket/missile cyborgs and aircraft (but not rocket/missile tanks), lasers (except Тяжёлый лазер)


By far the biggest most important division between weapons is the subclasses.

Исследования tips: Unless otherwise specified, stronger weapons in a subclass are obtained by upgrading that subclass. Stronger weapons, as well as stronger weapon upgrades, generally require better research speed upgrades (Анализ нейросвязи, Dedicated Анализ нейросвязи, Neural Synapse Исследования Brain). Most stronger weapons require damage upgrades, although rotary weapons usually require rate-of-fire (ROF) upgrades instead.

T1 weapons


The first weapon you get in Warzone is the Пулемёт, and the Twin Пулемёт and Heavy Пулемёт (often called HMG) shortly thereafter. Пулеметы (often called MGs) are good all-rounder weapons, but quickly get outclassed by anti-tank weapons.


The Установка миниракет, obtained by researching Инжекторный двигатель, is a good early-T1 anti-tank weapon, but it will quickly lose out to more powerful anti-tank weapons such as cannons and rockets. The Блок миниракет (often called MRA) is a good complement for anti-tank weapons, best against the targets anti-tank weapons like mini-rockets and rockets are worst against, but users of Mini-Rockets will find themselves disadvantaged against a research rusher if they do not upgrade to Lancers as soon as possible.


Пушки, obtained by upgrading machinegun damage, (Легкая пушка, Средняя пушка, Тяжелая пушка, often abbreviated LC, MC, and HC respectively) are weapons with high HP and moderate damage against tanks and walls. ВВС cannons, unlike ВВС rockets, cannot attack other VTOLs.


The Лансер, obtained by upgrading mini-rocket damage and acccuracy, is an anti-tank weapon with low HP, high damage, and long range. Unlike the cannon, however, it is very ineffective against cyborgs and walls. ВВС lancers, unlike ВВС cannons, are effective against other VTOLs, although they do plenty of damage to ground tanks, as well.

The Антибункер, also obtained by upgrading mini-rocket damage and accuracy, is the only anti-structure weapon, and is generally used as a support weapon to destroy enemy defensive structures.


Flamers, obtained by upgrading machineguns and Инжекторный двигатель, have the lowest range and highest damage rate of all T1 weapons, once their incendiary effect (read: setting things on fire) is taken into account. They also do fire damage to multiple targets within range at once, making them deadly if they survive to get close to enemy tanks, cyborgs, and bunkers. However, they are usually very weak, making hit-and-run tactics surprisingly effective on them.

Although the flamer is very effective against tanks, cyborgs, and bunkers, it is extremely ineffective against walls.

Since cyborgs are inexpensive (and thus can be massed) and have high speed, flamers are best used on cyborgs.


Mortars, obtained by upgrading cannons, are artillery weapons. As artillery weapons, they have a relatively low damage rate but very long range when assigned to a sensor. They are good all-rounder weapons, but do especially high damage against cyborgs, and relatively low damage to tracked tanks. Because of their low damage rate and low HP, they do very poorly in close-ranged combat, and should be carefully protected by direct-fire weapons.


The Отсек для кластерных бомб is the ВВС equivalent of an artillery weapon like the mortar. An all-rounder weapon.

T2 weapons


The Штурмовое орудие is useful against cyborgs, and Rotary MG Bunkers are particularly inexpensive, but they aren't as good general-purpose weapons as cannons or mortars.


The Гиперскоростная пушка is a longer-range cannon with lower HP. It still has higher HP and lower damage than a rocket, and is similar to the T1 cannons in every other way.

Although the Гиперскоростная пушка (often called HPV or HVC) is the only actual T2 cannon, Heavy Cannons are also very usable in T2.

The Плазменная пушка is a very slow, powerful, and decently long-range cannon. It can easily be destroyed if not supported by other units, but if it is, it is capable of doing tons of damage.


The Танк-Киллер is similar to a Лансер, but has a slightly longer range, higher damage rate, and a slower reload.

Ракеты are the earliest very-long-range artillery players can get. It has a very slow reload time, but is devastating to enemy structures.


The Инферно is a more powerful flamer, and is used similarly.


The incendiary mortar is a twist on the generic artillery concept, for anyone who wishes to digress their mortar research into flamers.


Howitzers are mortars with significantly longer range and slower reloading. They are used similarly to mortars.


Firebombs, obtained by upgrading bombs and flamers, are useful for damaging a wide area.

T3 weapons


Пушки are (debatably) the only T1 subclass to be usable in T3, and even the best cannon upgrades are cheaper than T3 weapon upgrades – notable to anyone who wishes to save money on research. Assault cannons are used similarly to cannons in T1, although, as assault weapons, they are better against cyborgs than their predecessors.


The Ракета Бич, obtained by upgrading rockets, is the only homing ground-to-ground and air-to-ground tank weapon (technically, lasers are also homing, but their projectiles move too quickly to make a difference). It also has the highest damage rate of any средний or long range weapon, and is tied for longest-range direct-fire ground weapon. Though it has many strenghths, it shares the weaknesses of its predecessors: Low HP and ineffectiveness against cyborgs and walls.

The Ракетный блок Серафим is a stronger version of Блок миниракет. Archangel Missiles are stronger long-range artillery with slow reload times, similar to Ракеты. Archangel Missiles have the longest range of any artillery weapon.

Rail guns

Rail guns, obtained by upgrading cannons, are improved, long-range versions of T1 cannons with higher HP and damage rate. They are used similarly.


Lasers are the first thermal weapon that isn't a fire weapon. They are противопехотный, and are used similarly to machineguns at all. Although their reload time isn't nearly as fast as a rotary weapon, they still usually have faster reload times than most other weapons.

Вспышка and Импульсный лазер are long-range weapons (Импульсный лазер being tied with Бич for longest-range direct-fire ground weapon). They are good general-purpose weapons.

Тяжёлый лазер is a long-range weapon with a high damage rate. It also has significantly more HP. However, it is far heavier,


The Плазменный огнемет is an even more powerful flamer, and is used similarly to the Инферно.