Командные башни are used much like sensors, except they can command any attacking юнит, not just artillery. They are limited to having 6 non-artillery attacking units assigned to them at first, but this limit rises by 2 each time the commander gains a rank, which happens relatively quickly.

Командные башни provide an accuracy, armor, and movement speed bonus to all units assigned to them.

To use commanders, you must first research the Командная туррель technology.

Attaching and detaching


To attach a юнит to a Командующий, select a юнит, then click on the Командующий you want to attach the юнит to. A * symbol will appear next to the юнит to signify it is attached.

Be warned, however: commanders have a limit to the amount of direct-fire units (eg machineguns) which is affected by their own experience level. The commander starts with 6 direct-fire units attachable, and each experience level raises this level by 2. Примечание, however, that a commander can have as many indirect-fire units as it wants.

If you wish for a repair turret to repair a commander instead of assigning to it, Alt+click on the commander while your repair turret is selected.


To select a юнит attached to a commander, Ctrl+click or right-click on юнит you want to select. Telling the юнит to do anything (such as moving) will detach it.


Командиры can be used like any other group of units - moving the commander will move all its attached units, and clicking an enemy will cause your attached units to fire on it.

Командиры panel

The Командиры panel. Примечание the similarity to the Юнит Orders panel.

The Командиры panel has some extra buttons that the Юнит Orders panel doesn't have.

Assigning factories

The commander factory assignment buttons

Factories can be assigned to a commander. This will take any юнит manufactured by the factory and automatically assign it to the commander's group.

To assign the factory, bring up the Командиры menu by clicking the Командующий and opening the Командиры menu, or right-clicking the commander. Then, click the factory NUMBER at the bottom of the Командиры panel (the factory number can be found in the Производство panel). There are three rows of these numbers: the top is normal Factories; middle, Cyborg factories; bottom, ВВС factories.

Going for repairs

A юнит that retreats from the battle (by using the "Retreat at X damage" setting or by right-clicking and clicking "Repair") and goes to a repair facility will automatically return to the commander once it is fully repaired.

Indirect fire support

The indirect fire support icon

It is possible to assign all artillery structures to a commander's designated target. This is called "fire support". To do so, simply select a commander, open the Командиры menu, and select the Fire Support icon (see above). To cancel it, click the same button, or assign fire support to another commander.